Tokyo – Preparing for your trip

Tokyo’s an exciting place! Here’s everything you need to do to get there:

One month in advance

– Check your passport for validity for the travel duration. No visas needed.
– Decide how long you want to go for, and book a cheap flight.
– Learn about the neighborhoods, choose your favorite, and book a hotel there.
– Make reservations for big events (dinner at the world’s best sushi restaurant, train passes for day trips, etc.)
– Contact locals or friends in the city and see if they want to hang out, and if they can help coordinate things.

One month out »

Booked! Now start planning your trip.

– Learn more about the culture, language, and neighborhoods.
– Find out more about the best places to visit in Tokyo, pick your favorites and make an itinerary.

Overviews and Planning »

One week in advance until you get on the plane

– Packing preparation – money/credit cards, power, drugs, gifts for locals, preparing your iPhone. Of course, be sure to download the HoodHot apps!
– Actual packing – how to be stylish in Tokyo, how to prepare for excursions… likely the night before.

Packing for Tokyo »

In flight/in Tokyo

Use Tokyo Teleport Plus to:
– Watch the TokyoTV videos to familiarize yourself with the culture and neighborhoods.
– Finalize your itinerary – which neighborhood, what day, what sights.

When you get to Tokyo, use it to:
– Get to your hotel from the airport, and other directions and mapping.
– Find cool places to eat/shop/drink/play.
– Get help with translation.
– Follow your itinerary.

Get Tokyo Teleport Plus »

And be sure to take pictures and keep friends at home updated. Don’t be an otaku – put the iPhone away sometimes and meet people!

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