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Taxi Guides featured on BBC TV's Fast Track travel segment!

On BBC News – Fast Track, Carmen Roberts rounds up the best of travel from around the world wide web. HoodHot’s Beijing Taxi Guide and Cairo Taxi Guide are featured from minutes 2:42 – 3:15.

Cairo Taxi Guide -

“The maker of one of our favorite favorite iPhone Travel Apps (Tokyo Teleport), is offering their newest app, Cairo Taxi Guide, for FREE right now in order to aid any foreigners in Egypt who are perhaps not so well-versed in Arabic.”

Cairo Taxi Guide -

“The app uses maps and search system so visitors can find their way around the vast city using a combination of English, which is then translated into Arabic.”

Tokyo Teleport reviewed by

“…this is quite possibly the best travel app we’ve ever used, regardless of city… you get a robust app that features snippets, photo galleries and excellently produced (and hosted) videos on everything you’d want to see/do/eat in Tokyo and how to do it.”

Tokyo Teleport Reviewed by GaijinLife

“…having played with this App for a week now it is wonderfully constructed and the idea behind it is mind-blowing… The videos are addictive and if you love Tokyo or Japan you will literally fall in love with this app.”

HoodHot Travel featured on iPods in the Beijing Sanlitun Apple Store

We got an email from Apple’s Developer Partnership Manager in Asia – he heard about our app and told us that Apple wanted to feature the Beijing Taxi Guide on devices at the grand opening of the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing!

Shanghai Taxi Guide -

“…incredibly helpful considering that if you try to speak the address, there is a huge chance of the driver does not even think you are speaking Mandarin.”

Beijing Taxi Guide featured by

“If you’re in town for the Olympics, first, stop reading Gizmodo. But if you’re here (we love you too) and you’ve got Great Firewall Web, grab the Beijing Taxi Guide.”